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Required Documentation of Disability Guidelines

Current and complete documentation of the disability or disabilities must be submitted by the student to UCM Student Accessibility Services as part of the academic accommodation service(s) eligibility determination process. The university reserves the right to request supplemental information to verify a student's functional limitations.

Documentation of disability must conform to published UC disability documentation guidelines and is required to establish and assess how a student's disability can be reasonably accommodated to ensure equal educational access within a postsecondary academic and campus life environment.

Documentation should contain all of the following:

  • Student’s name, ID number, Declaration disability is present, and Signature Name, Title, License Number, Address, and
  • Signature of qualifying, diagnosing clinician Statement by the clinician that a disability is present 
  • Explanation and/or basis for diagnosis (tests, clinical interview, observations, history) 
  • Date disability first diagnosed, date clinician first treated student, most recent visit, expected duration of disability 
  • Detailed description of current functional limitations 
  • Statement of the extent to which limitations are mitigated by treatment and side effects of treatment if any 

For more information, please contact:

UCM Student Accessibility Services

5200 N. Lake Road - ACS 140 - Merced, CA 95343
Phone: (209) 228-6996 


Schedule Your Final Exams!

Our office is now scheduling accommodated exams for finals! Email your finals schedule to or come in person to our office (ACS 140) to schedule your final exams. Please try to schedule your final exams before Wednesday, May 1st 2024. More information about how to email your finals schedule featured on the the home page of MyAccess portal. Good luck on finals!