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COVID-19 Resources

Friendly reminder all appointments are being done virtually. 

SAS - Online Learning Information

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  • The university has not made decisions about instructional delivery (classes) and campus life for Fall 2020.  Student Accessibility Services remains committed to working with on your individual needs as things change through the semester.
  • Health concerns and risks associated with your disability are confidential and sharing this information with faculty is not required.  You can continue share additional information and documentation confidentially with our office. 
  • Review your accommodations to see if they may be affected by a change to remote learning.  
  • Our MyAccess system will continue to allow students who are notetakers to upload notes even if classes are held online.
  • Notify us:
    • If faculty notify you about a change to a remote class delivery/learning environmentplease contact SAS as soon as possible so that we can make notes in our system.
    • If accommodations are more difficult to receive, SAS is available to work with you and your faculty to find the best solution.
    • About any exams that are moved online. We will handle any changes on a case by case basis.

Faculty, Instructors and TAs:

  • We recommend that faculty should not ask students with disabilities about COVID-19 health concerns or conditions as this information is confidential.  Those concerns can be handled confidentiality through SAS.  Rather than asking students with disabilities about COVID-19 health risks, refer students with these concerns to our office. 
  • Faculty should review their students with accommodations via MyAccess Accommodation Management System Portal as they plan alternative class delivery options. Student Accessibility Services is available to consult with you on alternatives that would meet your student’s accommodation needs.
    • Useful resources for developing ADA compliant online courses can be found here.
  • If an exam is offered online, please make provisions for students who have extended time.  More information about how to extend time in CatCourses can be found here. For exam formats that may require proctoring for students with disabilities, please consult with our office.
  • Our MyAccess system will continue to allow students who are notetakers to upload notes even if classes are held online. Faculty can create additional access by posting slides and encouraging students to post notes via Catcourses. This could assist in making your class more accessible for all students, including those with disabilities.
  • Consider providing materials used for online lectures/class presentations before class (when possible) and after class so students with various processing needs can review materials and use screen readers/accessibility software.
  • We will include additional information and resources on our website
  • The language used in some public discussions of this public health challenge can negatively impact students with disabilities, making them feel alienated. Our colleagues at UC Berkeley have curated articles about how to work with students with disabilities during this crisis. We have linked it here (scroll down to the bottom of this page).


Academics:  In moving to remote learning, students with disabilities continue to have the right to be safe, healthy environments while getting there education.  If you have questions about this process will work with your accommodations contact Student Accessiblity Services.

Health:   For students with illness, please contact Health Services.  Other information will be posted on the UC Merced's resources and information page:

Transportation and/or Personal Attendants:  Some of our students with disabilities use personal attendants for transportation and daily activities. If personal attendants become ill, this could create a gap in support our student. Recommendations for attendant users can be found here

Services and Assistance Animals:  How to keep your animal safe and healthy is important.  The World Small Animal Veterinarian Association has some guidance for you and your animal:

Harassment/Discrimination:  UC Policies prevent discrimination based on disability.  If you feel you have been discriminated against on the basis of disability, contact our office for assistance.  You may also file a grievance using information available on our website. 




Student Accessibility Services Contact Information:

*Special thanks to UC Berkeley Disabled Students' Program and Disability Access and Compliance for some of these resources!

Schedule Your Final Exams!

Our office is now scheduling accommodated exams for finals! Email your finals schedule to or come in person to our office (ACS 140) to schedule your final exams. Please try to schedule your final exams before Wednesday, May 1st 2024. More information about how to email your finals schedule featured on the the home page of MyAccess portal. Good luck on finals!